Healthy Aging


5 Ways To Healthy Aging  

This hits homes for me, you know, the whole 'aging' thing.  So, this article peeked my interest.  

We all have an idea of what will help us age in a Healthy way. So, lets go over the key components.  Let me know which resonates with you and which you would like to start doing. 

1) Good physical health

     yes, this means DAILY exercise, no snack foods - chips, ice cream; get a physical every year - at a min walk for at least 20 mins, 1x a day.

2) Possession of basic resources (housing, food)

    Basic necessities of Having a roof over our head and food to eat - yes, again, good foods! 

3) Good social network

     Have you ever heard the saying, goes something like this...  "who you associate with, is who you will eventually become."   We take on the habits and nuances of         people we associate with. 

4) Sense of purpose

     A lot of people think this means their job.  Im pretty sure, it is much deeper.  Think about what you love to do. What is it that gives you energy and uplifts you when       you do it?

5) Engage in activities such as volunteering, working, and hobbies or interests.

     Its often said, whatever we seek or lack in our lives give to someone. When we give 'it' to others, it fulfills us. Like, simply calling someone and saying how much           you appreciate them.  Also try to venture out and do something different - get outside your norm.   

Here are some other ideas:

Make a list called 100 Things I Want To Do (before I die…). The list helps to uncover past dreams, wishes and activities or interests they haven't pursued in a while. What if age weren’t a factor?

What if you weren’t afraid of seeming foolish?

What if you had the resources and energy to make your dreams come true? Movies need older extras.

Skydiving can be done at any age with good health.

Why not get a college degree now?

Forget about what is “expected” of older people, and follow your heart’s desire.

LIVE A LITTLE! We are NOT promised tomorrow!