Rosita M. Perez
Coldwell Banker Realty

Discovery Coach and Realtor

In life, we all experience transitions whether by choice or forced upon - change careers, new job, marriage, divorce, trauma, and loss, etc. Many times these changes can knock the wind out of us. When I am knocked down I have to stop and understand that I have a choice to be defeated or discover what I need to do to move forward and thrive!

As a Discovery Coach & Realtor, I team with my clients to dig deep, discover who they are and what they want in their life.  We develop a plan to move forward in their life. We partner to find out what they need to "come home".

Are You Ready to find out what you need to come home?

"Coming Home" could mean deciding where to buy your home, whether to upgrade, downsize, move out of town, or travel the world!!

"Coming Home" could also mean, taking the time to unpack and sort out the boxes of your life that have kept you from being who you truly are. Imagine coming home to the person you WANT to be vs the person you have to be.

I am here to help you discover what you need to "come home".

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